Shoreditch Office Space

Shoreditch Office Space

The Shoreditch Arch co-working space has gradually developed since our launch in 2008, and now represents one of the most effective office spaces in Shoreditch for start ups and small creative businesses – Europe’s self proclaimed ‘Tech City’.

We were one of the first offices in Shoreditch to open our doors to start-ups and small business – way before the term ‘co-working’ even existed!

Sharing an office space in Shoreditch where collaboration is common place, in an environment with like-minded others who have also decided to make a living from doing work which they love, The Arch office space has developed its own culture and personality – one which has enabled all our businesses to thrive.

Whether it’s a chat over a cuppa in the kitchen, linking up bands for a festival or creating high end TV ads, there’s a wealth of resources and all the benefits of co-working waiting for you to tap into at The Shoreditch Arch.

As most agree, there’s a definite wow factor when people first see The Shoreditch Arch and that’s just one of the advantages that we offer when looking to attract new clients, new staff and new working partners.