Who’s Here

We provide a peaceful setting for productive output and offer a calm and friendly atmosphere for creative and tech companies.

We have a wide range of businesses sharing our Shoreditch office space and we encourage collaboration between companies. Tech start-ups, creative agencies, PR, music, software, film + video represent a cross-section of the type of companies that work here.

Being part of a vibrant co-working space in Shoreditch maintains your activity levels and is a great way to stay on top of your business. Here’s a list of the companies who currently share The Shoreditch Arch:

Outpost Media
Silverman Research
Momentum Films
Cucumber Tony
Habit Creative
Waterfront Publishing

One thought on “Who’s Here

  1. Hi – I’m really interested in the hot desking opportunity you offer.

    Could I get more details on the hours though. 16hrs a week is fine but I’m looking for evening and weekend access predominantly. Is that available?


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